Boochie from Gamewright

With the 4th of July coming up, we want to share a great outdoor game with you. It’s called Boochie and it’s made by Gamewright, one of our favorite game companies. Check out the video to get an idea of how to play Boochie, then come in the store and get your own Boochie game for summer fun!

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We have new friends at Becky and Me Toys. They’re African Dwarf Frogs! There are 2 fully grown frogs in an ecosystem, along with a snail and a piece of bamboo. You feed the frogs twice a week. The plant creates oxygen for the frogs. The snail is the janitor that cleans up all the waste and uneaten food. The special gravel has nitrifying bacteria, which provides nitrogen for the plant. Because this is a balanced ecosystem, you only need to clean it out twice a year. How can you beat that!? It’s perfect as a pet at home, at the office, or in a classroom. Come in and see them!

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Just in…Sticky Mosaic Tiara Kits

Sticky Mosaics from Orb Factory have been one of our biggest sellers over the past year. We’re so excited that we just received our order of Sticky Mosaic Tiaras. Each kit comes with 6 tiaras for kids to make. Becky & Peggy made them at the ASTRA convention…they’re even fun for adults to do!

Becky wearing her Sticky Mosaic Tiara

Becky wearing her Sticky Mosaic Tiara

We think this kit is great for a birthday present, an activity for a rainy day or a playdate, or even a birthday party make-and-take activity. Come in to see the tiara kits and all the other great Sticky Mosaic kits that we have in stock!

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Fuzz that Wuzz Trunk Sale

Join us for a Fuzz that Wuzz trunk sale on Saturday, June 27 from 11:00-2:00 at our Evanston store. See how recycled water bottles are made into stuffed animals. Enter our raffle to win your own Fuzz that Wuzz animal! Hope to see you there!

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New Becky and Me blog!!!

We (Becky & Me) just returned from the ASTRA convention where we saw some of the coolest new toys for the holidays. We also learned some great ways to keep you informed about Becky & Me Toys. One of our “new things” is to start a blog. So here we go! We hope that you’ll follow our blog to keep up with all the excitement happening at Becky & Me Toys. You’ll be able to see pictures and videos and hear all about the new toys from the show as they arrive at our stores.

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