Glenview (Carillon Square) Sidewalk Sale

The Carillon Square Sidewalk Sale is this weekend (July 31-August 1). We’ll have tables full of merchandise from 20-75% off! Be sure to visit us, as well as other stores in Carillon Square.

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Ugly Doll Party

Members of our Ugly Doll Club joined us tonight for a party at our Evanston store. We had a blast! If you love Ugly Dolls, come in and join our club so that you can join us for our next event.

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Evanston Sidewalk Sale

The citywide Evanston Summer Sidewalk Sale is this Friday and Saturday. We’ll have a wide variety of merchandise outside on sale. Don’t miss it!

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Glitter Balls

Who doesn’t love a bouncy ball? We just got in a new order of Hi-Bounce Glitter Water Balls. Come in soon for your choice of small or “mondo” glitter balls. Some even light up! As one of our young customers said yesterday, “they’re beautiful!” Glitter Balls

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Flitter Fairies!

The Flitter Fairies have completed their long journey from a realm slightly above time and have arrived at our stores! In our human world, the three fairies, Daria, Eva, and Alexa, need unseen pixie silk and “a believer” in order for them to be able to fly. With each Fairy, comes an enchanted hair clip for her believer to wear. Each fairy also has her own enchanted hair clip. Between the clips is the unseen pixie silk that enables her to fly. A magic wand comes with each fairy to help guide her in her flight. Check out our video to see one of our fairies fly!

These fairies are so smart that they even know when they’re supposed to fly and when they’re supposed to rest. If you put your fairy down and lean her back, she’ll stop flitting her wings and take a rest! Come in and see the amazing Flitter Fairies for yourself!

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Sequence Numbers

Many of you have probably played the game Sequence from Jax Games. Today we got in the newest version…Sequence Numbers. This new version is not only a strategy game, but it’s also a fun way for kids to practice addition and subtraction facts. Sequence NumbersWe spent a lot of time playing it at the store today. So far it’s been enjoyed by a teacher, a college student, grandparents, and, most importantly, by kids! Come in and play it with us!

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New Lubies Have Arrived!

As described by the company, Lubies are “super soft, insanely cute, and pure simple fun.” We agree! The first release of Lubies flew out of our doors, so we’re very excited for the second release of these ball-shaped animals that arrived today. Here’s a close-up of two of our favorites. Come in and see how irresistible they are!
Giraffe and Hippo

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