We just put out boxes of beautiful wooden puzzles and items from Hape. The new mini plane and truck is adorable, and the toaster and pita set are wonderful. But my favorite is the “Melodies Pound and Tap Bench”. It encourages fine and gross motor skills and helps children understand cause and effect.

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Sticky Mosiacs by ORB FACTOIRY

Here are the photos. Took a few days to get them. The items are a hit!

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Sticky Mosaics by ORB

We just received a large shipment of sticky mosaics. They are as cute as ever! Two items that need mention are the Pirate Chest and the Crystal Clutch. The Pirate Chest has 250 mosaic pieces to adorn the chest. There is a real working lock on the chest and a secret compartment.
The Clutch has a zipper and handle for carrying, and comes with 550 shimmering jewel pieces with which to decorate.
Stay tuned for pictures…the website is down.

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Do you remember the joy of hugging your favorite doll? The love and happiness it created? Dolls are an important tool for a child to act out his/her feelings and fantasies and to role play. Here are a few of our latest toddler dolls:

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Japanese Erasers

At long last, a new shipment of the Japanese erasers has arrived! There’s a new colored hamster, bunnies for Easter, a dino hatching from an egg, a unicorn, and others. Come see them!

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Mary Meyer Purse Switchables

Do you know a very fashionable little girl? If so, we have the perfect new item for her! Purse switchables! You choose one of three base purses, then collect multiple covers so your little fashionista can mix and match as often as she wants! Check out just a few of the many styles below!

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Hex Bugs

We are infested with bugs….NANO BUGS, that is! These glow in the dark little creatures zip around like real bugs. They can move around the floor or in their nano habitat.

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