Hape Mini Vehicles

Start your engines, the new Hape Mini’s are raring to go! Don’t worry about the gas bill, these stylish cars run on imagination. They are also eco friendly, being made of bamboo with water based color. Get all 8 for a fine collection.

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More Camp!

Here are a few more ideas for your campers. Check out our larger Camp 2011 Album on Facebook!

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Camp 2011

Do you have someone going away to camp? Are you ready? We are! We have lots of items to send with your child to camp or we can help you put together a care package to send to him/her at camp.

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Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie turned 50 years old this year and she is as popular as ever. She still looks exactly the same as when she was born, her size and shape being ideal for a baby’s small hands to grasp. Sophie the Giraffe is BABY’S FIRST TOY, stimulating each of his/her senses from the age of 3 months.

Click here to read Sophie’s story.

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What is Squap? It’s a great new “pop paddle” game that gets kids running and moving, while developing hand/eye coordination. It’s appropriate for 6 years and up – terrific summer activity for backyard, park, or beach.

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BEAMOS are back!

A BeamO is like a big Frisbee but there’s so much more to it! It’s big and round and you throw it and catch it. Playing with the BeamO is magical fun! It’s like riding your first two wheeler, playing hide and seek in the dark, or like the first jump in the pool. It’s BIG FUN and it’s great exercise. It’s perfect for the park or the beach.

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