Toy stores across the country will be celebrating the joy of play during Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 12, 2011. To launch the holiday shopping season with community-minded fun, ASTRA members throughout the nation will host special events at their stores.

Stay tuned for “Becky & Me Toys” plans.

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Consider the quality of life that comes from having a local toy store in your town or neighborhood, the contribution of this and other local stores to schools and nonprofits…and the tax dollars collected by a local store. Then consider the sales tax evasion of online retailers like Amazon. Then consider the loss of tax revenue that’s plaguing municipalities and states and affecting basic services such as police, fire and schools. Shop local!! At Becky & Me we have a trained staff who will help you choose a gift, will educate you, and will even get down on the floor and teach you a game. We will advise you on developmentally appropriate toys, and will gladly wrap for free. We contribute a sense of community!

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What to Look For When Buying Toys

Nearly every guide to selecting toys for children emphasizes these five characteristics of a good toy:

•Play Value

When you are picking out toys for children, ask yourself how a toy ranks on each of these qualities.

Play value
Does the toy:
•Promote good, healthy fun?
•Teach a new concept or skill?
•Foster creativity?
•Link home and school?
•Create enough interest for the child so he plays with the toy over and over again?

Is the toy:
•Innovative and original?
•Making good use of materials?
•Presented in packaging that supports understanding of the product and how to use it?
•Visually interesting?
•Easy to use?

Does the toy promote:
•Social responsibility?
•Community awareness?
•Environmental awareness?

Is the toy:
•Of high auditory quality (if it make sounds)?

Does the toy fit the child’s:

Our employees at Becky & Me are trained to help you find a toy with all of these characteristics.

Provided By Susan J. Oliver, Tropomedia
This information is provided on behalf of the toy experts at your neighborhood toy store.

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