The power of PLAY!

Play is so important for children. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, recently made an announcement about a new focus on the power of play for promoting children’s health and well-being.  She goes far beyond a mere endorsement of play.

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Becky & Me Toys in Pioneer Press

Here’s an article about our store. Thank you Pioneer Press. Only major correction-we do not believe building toys are just for boys. The actual quote was that there is a perception that building toys are just for boys. We believe that girls and boys enjoy and benefit equally from building toys.

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Evanston, Glenview shops sell toys that delight, inspire

BY CAROL GODDARD Contributor November 29, 2011 3:24PM

Assignment: Find toys for five children as gifts for the holidays.

First step: Head to Becky & Me Toys, two family owned toy stores, one in Glenview and another in Evanston.

In no time at all, Peggy Sebert, who owns and manages the stores along with her husband, Ron, and daughter Becky, offered ideas for presents and gift-wrapped each one.

• A 3-year-old girl: A Carla Color Me doll

• An 8-year-old boy: A Snap Circuit kit for making physics experiments

• A 10-year-old girl: A Loopdedoo kit for making twisted bracelets and necklaces

Walking into Becky & Me, shoppers are reminded of what toy stores used to be before mass merchandisers hit the market: A variety of games, shelves of books, painted and unpainted wooden toys, colorful stuffed animals and exquisite dolls fill the shelves. A wall of dress-ups beckons pretend play.

“We sell hands-on, creative toys,” said Peggy Sebert.

“We have quality toys for a range of ages,” said Ron Sebert, “items that last a long time.”

The Seberts have a pretty good idea of appropriate toys for each age level, as all were teachers. Becky still teaches first-grade at Red Oak School in Highland Park while working part-time at the shops.

One or more of the Seberts masters every game the shops sell; every book is read; and every toy is tested before it goes on the shelves.

“We have to like them,” said Peggy Sebert, before they go on display.

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