Pigeon’s Met His Match

Yesterday NPR featured an interview with Mo Willems, one of our favorite authors.  Click here to hear it!  Then be sure to come pick up Duckling Gets a Cookie, his newest book, or an old favorite, at Becky & Me.  We even have stuffed animal characters from his books including: Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggy, Leonardo, Cat the Cat, and of course, Pigeon!

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Green Toys

Green Toys Inc. Home Page
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Green Toys is another company that
makes it’s products in the  U.S.A. 
They use recycled milk containers as
the main ingredient in creating their
toys. Yes, the exact plastic milk jugs
that you and your family drink from
every day. When you finish your milk
and toss the container in the recycling
bin, these milk containers are collected
at your curb by a local recycling
company, who then sorts them from
all the other types of plastic. Next,
the milk containers are reprocessed
into super clean fresh plastic.
Green Toys are truly local creations.
Every step in the process, from milk
container recycling to toy production,
to final assembly, occurs in California.
Their raw materials and toys aren’t
shipped from overseas, which saves
a lot of energy and reduces greenhouse
gasses. It also guarantees your toys
won’t get seasick before they get to
your home!
We are expecting an order in any day,
in time for Earth Day.  Make sure you
check out these products!  They are
high quality, and very earth friendly!
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Shop local for quality service!

Let’s talk about customer service… This past weekend was extremely busy for Easter. 

  • Several customers were in a rush, and needed a little extra TLC.  In one case a woman needed to take home her items to show her ailing mother before the items were shipped out.  She didn’t have time to wait for the UPS quote.  She is a very good, loyal customer so we let her take the unpaid items home to show them off.  She returned the next day, paid for them, we wrapped them and shipped them out!!  She lives in the neighborhood, we had a relationship with her, and we trusted her!
  • Two customers were deperate for two items which our Evanston store was out of.  We brought the items over  from Glenview at the end of the day, and the customers happily picked them up.  One customer could not get back until after 8:00 so we left her packages with our good friends at Subway.
  • We stayed open two hours later than usual in Evanston because people were pouring in, frantic about Easter. 

You can’t get this at a Big Box store or on the internet!  SHOP LOCAL!!!

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Channel Craft – toys made in the U.S.A.

Another company that makes their products here in the states is Channel Craft. Channel Craft began as a one-man operation back in 1983 from the back of a step van / traveling wood shop, when president and founder Dean Helfer, Jr. drove from craft shows to folk festivals peddling his hand-crafted wooden products. He would arrive at a craft show the evening before and set up his traveling wood shop for the next morning ready to sand and sell his products that were finished right before the customer’s very eyes. The craft circuit opened new avenues and provided the necessary cash flow to put together a true manufacturing operation.

As the years went on, Dean and his crew settled in the small mining town of Ellsworth, Pennsylvania to set up a “permanent” shop to hand craft his goodies. Dean had rubbed elbows with many other U.S. toy and game manufacturers and had worked out distributor partnerships to sell their products along with the Channel Craft toys. These partnerships turned into lasting business and personal relationships that would begin to bring together the cohesive theme of “Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles made in the USA.”

Space constraints required Channel Craft to seek out a larger manufacturing facility if they wanted to continue producing the American Pastimes that had brought them this far. In 1991, Dean and Channel Craft settled into an old Army Corps of Engineers building south of Pittsburgh on the banks of the Monongahela River in Charleroi, PA. With upwards of 70 employees, Channel Craft was “Quality Crafting” toys, games and puzzles for thousands of museums, specialty toy and gift shops, mail-order catalog companies and department stores.

Each year, new products  are tailor-made for each specialty toy and gift store, museum, park and attraction. You’ll never find Channel Craft products in the major discount stores or worldwide superstore chains.

Becky & Me Toys currently has jacks, marbles, marble mats, kazoos, nose flutes, dominoes, solitaire, wooden tops, and magic penny tops from this wonderful company.  They are all quality crafted products perfectly sized for Easter baskets or for just plain fun!

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